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Colgate Dental Health and Oral Hygiene Resource Center. The Colgate Oral Health Center is a resource of information about oral hygiene, dental care, tooth whitening, gum disease, dental visits, flossing, gingivitis, cavities, oral health for seniors, dental treatments and other medical conditions.

Oral Hygiene Basics
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Tooth Anatomy
Good Oral Hygiene
Proper Brushing/Flossing
The Dental Visit
Sports Mouth Guards
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What Are Sports/Mouth Guards?

Sports guards, mouth guards and mouth protectors are different names for the same thing: a device worn over your teeth that protects them from blows to the face and head. Mouth guards are an important piece of athletic equipment for anyone participating in a sport that involves falls, body contact or flying equipment. This includes football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, skateboarding, gymnastics, mountain biking-any activity that might result in an injury to the mouth. MORE...