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How does the Colgate Motion toothbrush work?
The battery powered Colgate Motion toothbrush has two types of bristles. The oscillating bristles are designed to clean deep between teeth and along the gumline. The stationary bi-level bristles are meant to gently whisk away plaque.
How does the Colgate Motion toothbrush compare with electric toothbrushes?
Colgate Motion cleans like an electric toothbrush. Advantage is, being battery powered one does not need to re-charge hence it is more convenient for travelling.
How long should I brush?
Brushing should take approximately 2 minutes, the same amount of time as it would if using a manual toothbrush. The best way to brush is to:
  • Start at one of the back molars and brush the outside of the teeth first
  • Hold the brush parallel to the teeth and clean each tooth individually while avoiding exerting too much pressure
  • Proceed to clean the inside of the teeth
  • Finally, clean the biting edge of the teeth
Should I jiggle or use a brushing motion with the Colgate Motion toothbrush or just hold it on each tooth?
There is no need to jiggle the toothbrush. Colgate Motion is designed to allow you to brush as you would any other manual toothbrush (regular brushing motion).
Is the Colgate Motion toothbrush safe for a child to use?
A child over the age of 3 can use the Colgate Motion toothbrush, but we recommend adult supervision for children under 3 years of age, as stated on our packaging.
Do I need to use special toothpaste when I use the Colgate Motion toothbrush?
Colgate Motion can be used with any toothpaste except whitening toothpaste's that have alumina and may shorten the life of the bristles or the brush.
How much toothpaste do I need to apply to the head?
We recommend using the same amount that you normally put on a regular toothbrush.
Can I use the Colgate Motion toothbrush on dentures, braces or restorations?
Yes, Colgate Motion can be safely used on all three.
Is it safe to get the Colgate Motion toothbrush wet?
The brush is safe even when fully immersed in water as it is waterproof.
How long will the Colgate Motion toothbrush last?
Dentists recommend that a toothbrush be changed at least every 3 months (same as a manual toothbrush). After that time, the brush could start to wear, which could result in inadequate brushing and abrasion to gums.
How do I know when the batteries need replacing?
The brush may slow down or stop working when the batteries need replacing. Typically, batteries will need to be changed approximately every 2 months with an average use of twice a day.
How do I replace the batteries?
The battery cap is the colored part located at the base of the Colgate Motion toothbrush. To remove, simply pull cap downwards.
How should I store the Colgate Motion toothbrush - upright or on its side?
Colgate Motion should be stored upright.
Are there replacement heads available for the Colgate Motion toothbrush?
Yes, replacements head available. Dentist recommend that brush head to replace every 3 months for effective removal of plaque.
Are there other bristles (soft/hard) available for the Colgate Motion toothbrush?
The Colgate Motion toothbrush only comes in the soft bristle type. Colgate, as do most dental professionals, recommends soft bristles for all people. It is better to spend a little longer brushing away plaque with a soft brush than risk damaging the gums or tooth enamel with too-hard a brush.

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