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What is the unique combination of ingredients in the Colgate Total formula?


Colgate Total toothpaste contains a unique formula that fights today's most common oral health problems, including cavities, plaque, tartar buildup, gum problems, and bad breath. The Colgate Total formula is so revolutionary it's even unique. Its active ingredient is Triclosan, which is used to help reduce plaque and gum problems. The copolymer enables Triclosan to continue working in the mouth for up to 12 hours. Without the copolymer, Triclosan would be rapidly lost from teeth and gums, reducing its clinical effect. Colgate Total is the ONLY toothpaste with this unique Triclosan/copolymer system. It also contains fluoride for protection against cavities, is effective in reducing tartar, and in providing long-lasting fresh breath protection.  |  |  Legal Policies  |  Privacy Polices  |  Cookies Policy  |  Site Map  |  Contact Us
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