Colgate Dental Health and Oral Hygiene Resource Center.

Colgate Dental Health and Oral Hygiene Resource Center. The Colgate Oral Health Center is a resource of information about oral hygiene, dental care, tooth whitening, gum disease, dental visits, flossing, gingivitis, cavities, oral health for seniors, dental treatments and other medical conditions.

Medical Conditions
Discover how medical conditions may impact your oral health
Medical Conditions
The Mouth And Body Connection
Diabetes And Oral Health
Heart Disease And Oral Health
Cancer/Oral Health
Dry Mouth
Cleft Lip/Palate
HIV/AIDS And Oral Health
Women's Health
Physical Disorders/Oral Effects
Special Needs
Oral Cancer: Signs and Symptoms

Oral cancer is cancer that occurs on the lips (usually the lower lip), inside the mouth, on the back of the throat, the tonsils or salivary glands. It occurs more frequently in men than women, and most likely to strike people over 40. Smoking in combination with heavy alcohol use is a key risk factor. MORE...